Giving Back

We like to put our money where it counts. That means back into the local community. Every single PogBalls purchase supports our chosen not-for-profit organisations through regular monthly contributions.

From time to time extraordinary events, such as fire, flood, drought or a pandemic may need further assistance, so we are happy to make extra contributions.

PogBalls supports Farm Animal Rescue:





Farm Animal Rescue: When an animal is rescued from neglectful and abusive situations, or a factory farm, they come to live at Farm Animal Rescue.

 It is a refuge for animals to live out their days with the best of care. Visitors are welcome, book a farm visit and meet the animals. 

Farm Animal Rescue:








PogBalls supports Australian Marine Conservation Society

Australian Marine Conservation Society:

Started by a group of scientists and ocean conservationists over 50 years ago the Australian Marine Conservation Society have been protecting our marine wildlife.

 From the Kimberley to the Great Barrier Reef and Moreton Bay volunteers protect our marine habitats.

Australian Marine Conservation Society